April 21, 2020 by tolis

Wordfence launches new site performance tool

For those involved in WordPress as developers or administrators, Wordfence is not a word they’d hear for the first time.

Wordfence is considered one of the top contenders for the best security plugin and for a very good reason. Their latest tool called FastOrSlow.com aims to help site developers and administrators to improve the performance of their website by auditing various elements that impact website speed. From first byte to first meaningful paint and from number of requests to total page size, the tool is providing a very detailed report of the audited website in 13 locations around the world.

It also goes a step ahead and provides suggestions to improve the issues found such as JS or CSS minification, caching etc.

What is missing?

Although the tool provides a number of locations to be used for the test and although it does provide a number of suggestions and tips to improve performance, the tool has fierce competition in the sector (GTmetrix, pingdom to mention a few). It lacks several features that the above provide (select test speed, select test locations, alerts and other), but considering this is a free tool, i would highly reccomend it for website performance beginners and for website owners curious as to why their website is slow.

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