Firefox Quantum released this Monday

I must admit this is the most excited i have been for a new browser version since a long time ago… I do remember back in 2010 when Firefox was on 2nd place behind a declining IE and things were looking good. All the long hours trying to develop designs to work on IE were soon to be gone, and then… the arrival and rise of Chrome led Firefox to a similar decline reaching to a 6% this year


…and this monday a new Firefox is launched, called Quantum with a major overhaul in design, 33% less memory consumption and most of all 2x faster than the previous version. According to benchmark tests it is a direct competitor to Chrome, if not better 🙂 and the only reason i find for people not to start using it, is because Chrome is considered a door to Google products and it will take some time to get people to use another browser for that.


Have a look at the memory comparison chart below