Web development

Mobile first responsive web applications, built with usability and accessibility in mind. Agile software development methodology, inspection and adaptation for better products at lower costs.

User Experience & Human–computer interaction

Visual design, information architecture, navigation design, usability and interaction is what we focus on our projects.

Universal Design & Accessibility

...simply means making websites easy to use for people regardless of their abilities or limitations. We develop custom made solutions in collaboaration with ResponsiveVoice.js andGoogle Voice API.

About intelpad

About intelpad

Intelpad was created in 2010 by a small team of professionals with years of experience in the web design, programming and web accessibility.
Our goal is to design, develop and manage web applications specifically designed for the needs and requirements of each customer with a constant strive towards web accessibility ensuring equal access to information to everyone.
Offering high quality services in web design, development and user experience, the company provides stable and excellent partnerships with corporate clients and professionals in Greece and Belgium, where it operates today.


Web consulting

Web development


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