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intelpad is a collective of technology experts in web programming, accessible web design, innovation and digital product development


Each member of the collective began their career by exploring web design, development, business analysis, product management and other innovative topics in the digital realm.

Now our collective experience and expertise in these topics ensures the best possible result in the products and services we deliver. We are all connected by our common passion for digital innovation and our work ethical commitment to the product and the client.


Development 95%
Analysis/ Product development 90%
Performance Audit 85%
Design, UX/UI 80%

What we focus on


We transform business needs and problems into strategic projects designed for humans


We emphasize on making your information usable by everyone on the web


We deliver software solutions focused on usability, maintenance and security

What we use










The keyboard hell

May 30, 2020by tolis

Trying to remember how many keyboards i’ve used or tried, is as impossible as trying to remember how many times i watched Star Trek in my life (spolier alert, too many for any normal human being)… And this had me wonder why this hapens and if i am the only one… I know the answer […]

Wordfence launches new site performance tool

April 21, 2020by tolis

For those involved in WordPress as developers or administrators, Wordfence is not a word they’d hear for the first time. Wordfence is considered one of the top contenders for the best security plugin and for a very good reason. Their latest tool called FastOrSlow.com aims to help site developers and administrators to improve the performance […]

Firefox Quantum released this Monday

November 12, 2017by tolis

…called Quantum with a major overhaul in design, 33% less memory consumption, amazingly beautiful new design and most of all 2x faster than the previous version

GTK themes for Ubuntu

November 5, 2017by tolis

If i had a euro for everytime i change my GTK theme…. This is probably one of the reasons why i love Linux and open source software, the ability to customise and modify all parts according to your needs and personal desire.